Landon enjoys playing with his new friend - Daytona. He really likes Nascar and that is where he got the name. Drae and Devin spend time with their new friend - Benji. Isn't he cute! Manny (aka littleman)'s mommy is getting her masters degree right now, and she's completely in love with Manny, they named him after the baseball player! He goes everywhere with them!

Jingles and Rudy with new family Carrie and Cody Brasfield Roxy with Daniel Thomas
Darla (aka prettygirl)
Darla also goes to work with her new dad too, she's being spoiled by his secretary as well!
Ziggy with Tiffany Watkins Here is Gracie Ann(aka golden Ann)
in her new home in Maine. "We love her so much and she's fit in so nicely with our family."
Matt & Karli
Jasmine (aka precious)
Jasmine's parents own a charter boat company, and she goes to the office everyday with him! and a few boat rides, she's a daddy's girl apparently, and he loves her southern laid back disposition. His words: "Everyone she meets just melts and can't believe how laid back she is! (I think it's the southern attitude)".

Robbie Tegland---he is one of our wonderful volunteers & in his time at the rescue, found a new love -- Miss Butterscotch -- a definite match made in heaven!

Tuna (aka domino/chloe)
Bobby and Liza with Domino

Domino playing with new friends

Sally (aka fluffygirl)
(tucked under "mama's" arm) She's part of a very large family of pets, and her best buddy is their saint bernard. She's filled a very big hole, shortly after she arrived there, their oldest dog passed away, and they are so grateful to have Sally to help ease the loss. I love that fluffy got into a large family of pets, I worried about her being alone, she was the one puppy that would get upset when her brother or sisters were out of sight. They say she's doing great, and loves her new home and her new family.


Bijou and Mark and Lauren

Buddy and Adrian

Olivia and Laci

Laci on deck

Emma and Laci

Jack & Gretchen Miner from the New England area. Valentine was the dog that kept going on "walk-abouts".

Patches, Victor and Valerie

Sunny and Family

Heidi's new family