How You Can Help

When we started this rescue group, we knew that we would need the help of our fellow Chester County neighbors. So many of you have asked us how you could help. There are some things that would really be beneficial not only to us but more importantly, our 4 legged residents.

Most of the dogs we rescue have been abused & neglected. It is very hard for them to trust humans at first. With time, patience & love, these animals can be turned around into grateful companions. We don’t often see abuse in cats--mostly neglect & abandonment. Cats & dogs alike are left to fend for themselves. Some are left close to stores---maybe the person leaving them thinks they have a better chance of being “picked up”--truth is, they often are subjected to more cruelty because they are seen as a nuisance. Now before anyone gets upset, yes there are some good people out there that will feed these animals & some may even get taken home --but for the most part, they are left to scrounge for food & shelter.

“So what can I do?” you ask. We can always use volunteers to help at the rescue to play with the dogs & puppies. Some may require some leash training but we can show you how to do that. Sometimes it may just be that a certain dog needs a gentle voice to coax them out of their “shell”. It’s sad but until an animal learns to trust, they will often hide in the houses. It is definitely a challenge to work directly with the animals but it is also very rewarding.

We also need help in the fund raising area. We have donation jars out in the area, a few coins at a time add up with a few coins someone else drops in. We have special events to raise money for the rescue & different jobs can be handled by extra volunteers. When several people do a little, it is easy to accomplish a lot.

The most important thing you can do is to spread the word about our rescue & the wonderful animals we have---encourage people to adopt rather than buy from breeders. This also includes pet stores that “sell” their pets and flea market booths that get their pets from “puppy mills”.

Have your own pets spayed or neutered. This is the most responsible thing you can do. We also need good loving foster homes for some of the pets on a short term basis. Ask us how you go about becoming one. You can even volunteer to help with baths when needed---this is a fun one!!! It is a myth that all dogs like water, especially if it involves sitting in a tub of warm water with shampoo----it’s not quite the same as jumping into a pond to fetch a stick!!!